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We work as a team.

We all have our own personal skill sets, so doesn’t it just make sense to combine those qualities of a Type A personality with a Type B? We won’t tell you who’s who — instead we'll let you take a guess at that! By working together, we can ensure our clients always talk to their agent(s) instead of an assistant, and we'll get them the answers they seek. We may not crawl around in an attic or in the crawlspace, but we’ve got a keen eye and will point out any items that could be worrisome (a home inspector will confirm or deny any actual issues… hey, we can’t be everything, right?). Above all, our job is to protect our clients’ interest.

We’re here to help. Hate high pressure sales tactics? Us too. We have no interest in convincing you to buy something you’ll hate, because that doesn't help you (or us) in the long term. We are proud of our easy going nature and refuse to stalk leads who don’t want to talk to us. We get it, we’re all human here. Proudly geeky are we, and don’t be surprised when we ask you to sign your paperwork via an electronic signature. And yes, it’s legal… We’ve checked!



We promise!

Text us. Email us. Facebook us. Heck, we’ll even answer the phone when it rings.
Yes, we know that being Realtors means working weird hours. We’re not agents that close shop at 6pm, or close down on the weekend. No, unless we’re on an adventure such as hiking a mountain with our kids on our backs, or in an appointment with another client — we’re working around the clock to make sure that you’re getting the most from us.

Want emails alerts every single time a new house is listed? Send it over ASAP? You got it! Only want one email a week? We can do that too. We understand that our clients have individual needs, and won’t throw you in the auto-responder pile… unless that’s where you want to be.


Honesty is big.

Really big. We expect it from our clients, so of course we’ll be honest with you… Even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Above all, we want you to be happy. We build our business on not just successful transactions, but by having past clients who really like us. We appreciate every referral and promise to take the best care of your loved ones.



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